Underwater Aquarium Lights For Fish Tanks

Fish love new decorations in their tank and lighting is no exception. If your fish are high tech, these underwater aquarium lights for fish tanks will help provide color and stimulus for nocturnal fish and add a focal point to your decor.

Adding Underwater Aquarium Lights Lights

Fluval Prism Underwater Spotlight

This is one of our favorite fish tank tech gadgets–especially if you have a larger tank. It is an LED spotlight that illuminates a portion of the tank in one of several colors and intensity of your choice. These underwater aquarium lights come with a remote control, so you can set the light inside of the tank and operate it externally.

Underwater Bubble LED

Another cool lighting gadget for your fish tank is an LED bubble disk. This bubble disk provides a massive pillar of continuous bubbles along with a rotating lighting effect to keep your tank interesting at night.

Underwater Aquarium Lights

This can be your main source of aeration in the tank, or a special lighted feature that comes on at a certain time each day to attract the fish and liven up the tank.

Lighting Choices Effect Fish

The type of lights you use and how and when you turn them on can have an effect on your fish, so careful consideration should be used when designing the lighting you use. Walking up to the tank in and turning then lights on in a darkened room can startle the fish and send them diving for cover.

Consider using smart plugs to set the lights to come on at specific times of the day. For example, if you have a couple of different overhead tank lights, you can set a small one to come on when there is still daylight in the room. It will be a gentle way to wake the fish and get them swimming around. A secondary light can come on an hour of two later when the sun goes down.

Smart plugs can also be used to trigger the bubble disk and spotlights. You will no longer need to walk up to the tank and startle the fish.

In conclusion, adding underwater aquarium lights features to your tank can promote interest and keep the fish active. Before adding your lights, consider how you can automate the process to reduce stress and keep things consistent. Adding timers and lights to the tank will also keep your fish on a consistent schedule for feeding and play. Read more articles on tech for your fish tank.

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