Best Fish Tank Canister Filter For Large Tanks

A fish tank canister filter can help you build the perfect ecosystem for your fish. Most canister filters have several compartments that can be used in the filtration process. For example, the first layer of filtration can be used to catch large particles, and the remaining compartments can be used for bio-media and water polishing. The result is a superior filtration process that eliminates toxins and waste that can harm your fish.

TechMyPet Fish Tank Canister Filter Recommendation

We recommend the Hydor Professional Canister Filter because it is easy to setup, maintain, and extremely quite. It comes in multiple sizes based on the capacity of your fish tank.

fish tank canister filter

The Hydor fish tank canister filter includes long hoses so you can easily conceal the filter in a cabinet. The shut off valves are very accessible, allowing for easy removal of the canister for maintenance. In addition, the interior compartments are large and capable of holding whatever type of media you want to use.

How To Setup A Fish Tank Canister Filter

Any fish tank canister filter you’re considering should contain the following:

  1. Have hoses that are long enough for your cabinet. Do not kink or allow for loops in the hoses, as this will cause the filter not to work efficiently.
  2. Have shutoff valves that are easy to access.
  3. Come with enough compartments to hold your media.
  4. Be rated for the volume of your tank.

If you are replacing a standard filter with a canister filter, you should consider running both filters at the same time for a few days. If you switch to the new filter too soon, your tank may become cloudy due to bacteria blooms.

If your fish tank canister filter has several different compartments, you will want the first stage of filtration to be mechanical media, which is usually a large, coarse filter that catches the initial debris from the tank.

The next stage should be some type of bio-media that is used to promote good bacteria in the tank. Ceramic balls or rings are a good choice here.

The next compartment can hold your chemical media, such as activated carbon.

The final stage should be a fine filter that removes any remaining particles, allowing for clean water to be filtered back into the tank.

Fish Tank Canister Filter Maintenance

Maintaining the canister filter is easy. You can likely get away with cleaning the filter once a month. Perform maintenance on your fish tank canister filter by doing the following:

  1. Unplug the filter.
  2. Turn off the shutoff valves on both hoses.
  3. Unscrew the hoses and pull the canister out of the cabinet.
  4. Unlatch the top of the filter and dump any remaining water from the top into the sink.
  5. Remove and the top layer and clean or replace the fine filter. The fine filter should be replaced every couple of months.
  6. Remove the chemical media (if you have any) and replace with new.
  7. Remove the bio-media containers and gently rinse the. Do not discard these. They need to go back in the filter.
  8. Remove the coarse bottom filter and clean or replace. This filter is usually pretty durable and can be reused many times.

We think you’ll enjoy the Hydor fish tank canister filter due to its design, ease of setup and long term durability. Canister filters are generally more expensive than hanging tank filters, but usually last monger and do a far better job of cleaning your tank. Read about more TechMyPet recommendations for your fish tank here.


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